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Weight Loss Without Surgery

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body, in both women and men. It has been called the “pregnancy hormone,” but it actually performs many functions in the body and is used to treat a variety of medical conditions.

HCG Diet

hCG is called the “pregnancy hormone” because it is produced in very high amounts when a woman is pregnant. It is produced in these high amounts during pregnancy in order to maintain progesterone production, help with immune tolerance, and help provide a constant amount of nutrition and energy production for both the mother and the growing fetus. During pregnancy, a woman will produce over 1,000,000 units a day. hCG has been in use since the 70’s to enhance weight loss while dieting. It is safe and successful when used in a medically supported program and we introduce 125-180 units a day, and using low-dose hCG in this way is very safe and does not mimic pregnancy.

hCG encourages weight loss by mobilizing stored fat, most commonly from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. The body then utilizes this stored fat for energy and nutrition, just as it does during pregnancy. It only does this, however, if hCG is used in combination with a specific calorie restricted diet. A “starvation” state must exist for hCG to work.

Using hCG alone will not provide the wanted weight loss results, just as using calorie restriction to create a “starvation” state alone will not provide healthy weight loss results. It is therefore, very important to follow the hCG program as it is designed in order to achieve your weight loss goals and be healthy along the way.

Using hCG not only allows the body to get rid of the stored fat, but it also changes the fat-storage regulatory system in the brain in order to prevent rebound weight gain and to have a more efficient fat storage function for the future.

Dr. Kaity Collins has a passion to help others lose weight. She has personally lost over 50 lbs. using this protocol and will be there to support you through your program. We offer a customized protocol for you which includes your physical exam, support materials, bloodwork, injectibles, and diet support during and after your program to ensure that you have the tools for your continued success. Nutritional supplements, such as neurotransmitters, are also very important in the program.

Obesity is the number one health risk we face today. It is a causal factor in most diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol. It contributes greatly to decreased life expectancy. Two definitions obesity are recognized in medicine today. Body Mass Index “BMI” is used most commonly. BMI is a measure of the percentage of body fat. A high BMI increases the risk of developing many other diseases. For the purpose of this weight loss program, we factor in the Metropolitan Tables that define weight range to live the longest “the ideal lowest mortality weight.”

While the BMI may measure risk for developing other diseases, the Metropolitan Tables define the weight you should be at to have the longest life expectancy. If a patient is twenty percent (20%) above the ideal range of the Metropolitan Tables, they are, by definition, obese.

The Cause of Being Over Weight

Low levels of the neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and serotonin contribute to weight problems. Prescription and over the counter medications are not the answer. Very few people ever lost all the weight they wanted and kept it off with medications.

Weight loss medications work by tricking the brain into thinking it has more neurotransmitters by moving the neurotransmitters from one place to another (redistribution). With medications, there is no increase of neurotransmitters in the brain. Indeed, the very act of moving neurotransmitters from one place to the next, caused their increased breakdown in many patients, leaving them worse off by having less neurotransmitters than when they started. The supplements that make up the weight loss plan we use provide the building blocks in the right proportions that the body needs to build neurotransmitters which promote weight loss.

Neurotransmitter Deficiency

For many years it has been known that low levels of the neurotransmitters norephinephrine and/ or serotonin cause eating and weight problems in patients. It has been determined that low levels of norepinephrine and serotonin also cause other problems such as migraine headaches, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. In chronic pain patients with disease such as fibromyalgia, low levels of the neurotransmitters are a problem and exacerbate their pain.

Incidence of other Neurotransmitter Deficiency Diseases

Below is the incidence of other low neurotransmitter diseases present in obese patients. Data has shown that many patients have had several of these diseases present at the start of this weight loss treatment. In general, within the first three to four weeks of treatment on this weight loss program, most of these other diseases have resolved or are markedly better.

  • Depression 31.5%
  • Anxiety 24.8%
  • Panic Attacks 10.2%
  • Migraine 20.1%
  • Chronic Pain 7.9%
  • Compulsivity 36.6%
  • Sleep Apnea 4.7%
  • PMS 27.2%
  • Irritable Bowel 20.1%
  • Insomnia 20.5%
  • Fibromyalgia 7.1%
  • Myoclonus 11.2%

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