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Chelation and Phoshatidyl Choline (P.C.) Therapy

Chelation comes from the Greek word Chele, meaning to claw or bind. The intravenous chelating solution used is a synthetic amino acid called EthyleneDiamineteraacetic Acid (EDTA), along with various vitamins and minerals. Chelation therapy is an effective and safe way to remove metallic irritants, allowing leaky and damaged cell walls to heal. So far, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves chelation therapy only for heavy metal removal from the body. When we test our patients for toxic metals such as aluminum, lead, mercury, and cadmium, we find that many people have elevated levels of these toxic elements present in their systems. The EDTA treatment is administered intravenously and removes these toxic metals. These toxic metals have an adverse effect on brain function, enzyme systems affecting energy production, and even blood pressure. Toxic metals also affect cognitive function and memory adversely. EDTA is the safe and approved medical therapy for removal of these toxic substances.

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The following study, conducted from 1987 to 1993 in Denmark with a follow-up study published in 2000, is intriguing, primarily due to its long-term follow up on EDTA therapy. In the Fall of 1993, C. Hancke, M.D. and K. Flytlie, M.D., published an article in the November 6 issue of the Journal of Advancement of Medicine, “Benefits of EDTA Chelation Therapy in Arteriosclerosis: A Retrospective Study of 470 Patients.” Their work provides a preponderance of evidence on the efficacy of EDTA chelation therapy. The American College for Advancement in Medicine’s (ACAM) chelation protocol was used. Of the many components in the initial study, the two components most intriguing in their study, “The Long Term Effects of Chelation Therapy: A 6 to 12 year Follow-up of a 1993 EDTA Study” published in Clinical Practice of Alternative Medicine, Spring 2000, 1 (3): 158-163, are summarized as follows:

Of the original 92 patients (including men and women) referred for bypass surgery, only 10 actually required the surgery after completing chelation therapy. This shows a positive effective rate of EDTA therapy for prevention of bypass surgery of 80% – 91%, depending on the objective and subjective parameters as outlined in their study. This saves a reported three million dollars in insurance money.

Hancke and Flytlie’s initial study also had 27 patients (including men and women) referred for surgical amputation of a limb as the only treatment available. Of the 27 patients waiting for amputation, 24 did not need to undergo amputation of the limb after completing chelation therapy. Thirteen of these 24 patients were included in the follow-up study. One patient suffering from severe gangrenous ulcers had undergone amputation of a leg after the original study. As of the publication date, the other 12 were well.

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